Does Time Heal all Wounds?

It can be difficult to imagine the day the hurt will finally go away but time truly is an amazing healer.

Generally the more positive experiences we have that come between us and a tragic event in our lives then the closer we come to healing from the traumatic emotions experienced. 

The passing of time dims the memory to steal the hurt away. This ability of distance to diminish hurts could be because the new memories that we acquire are able to slowly and steadily become clearer within our mind than our older memories.

It could also be that our older memories no longer seem as relevant to our lives as our newer experiences are and so the older recollections fade in importance. Whatever the reasoning is it is very reassuring to know that for the majority of individuals time really is able to heal the emotional pain.

Healing will definitely be easier and take less time for those individuals with a strong sense of optimism and a healthy outlook on life and the future. Those individuals having a large and supportive network of family and friends to help and encourage the recovery process will also be more likely to have a faster healing process.

Having a support network enables discussion and rationalization of the hurtful issues can help a person focus on the things that truly matter today. The hurtful memories need to lessen in importance. It can be difficult but it is important to allow the hurtful memories to fall into the distant past. It is today and the enjoyments that it has to offer that are of far greater in value.

Whether the hurt is from abuse, a lost love, or disappointment, the pain does get better. We may never forget but we move forward till the hurt is no longer an all consuming force within us. We learn to accept those memories as simply being an aspect of our past. The memories remain but they gain a softer orb surrounding them.

So long as a person does not spend the majority of their time dwelling on a past traumatic event then emotional healing should occur and time will eventually heal the emotional scars incurred in the past. How much time is required for the healing process will depend on the resilience of the individual involved and the degree of trauma that they have withstood.

Understanding Trauma Can Help You Recover From it

New experiences will begin to dim the hurtful memories. As time passes the individual will begin to once again focus on the many small enjoyments we experience on a daily basis.

The pleasure received from a first cup of coffee in the morning, the taste sensation of a well prepared meal at a local restaurant, a conversation with a loved one, or simply the wonderful feeling of the warm sunshine when out for a walk can bandage over the hurt.

These new experiences create soothing enjoyable memories within the mind. The new memories blanket the older ones till a protective layer of happier thoughts covers over the hurt. The more time and positive experiences that pass by then the further we distance away from the past to move into an association with present day activities. Time truly does heal most wounds. We just have to help it along a little.

Emotionally it can seem like the hurt will last forever but don't listen to that little voice, be assured that the pain can be healed. Talk about the past with those that you trust and attempt to understand the events that occurred, but please don’t dwell there. Pull yourself out of that area and get on with the many tiny processes of life and living that you are meant to experience and enjoy. If you are not able to do this on your own please seek help from your family doctor or other local medical professional.

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