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Motivational Tips for a More Positive Lifestyle

We say things to ourselves that we would never consider saying to someone else. You can't do it. You are fat. You are so stupid. When was the last time that you caught yourself doing it? 

It is highly unlikely that you would criticize a friend, relative, or work associate the way that you do yourself so stop it.Well it is time to stop the negative messages that you are delivering to yourself. It is time to love yourself just a little bit more than you currently do.

If you have been raised in a negative atmosphere or been subjected to a lot of negative feedback then you will have to learn to dismiss those lessons and replace them with a more positive one. An optimistic attitude does not always come naturally and it may be a skill that you need to learn. The first step in becoming a more positive person is in eliminating the negative pessimistic energy that is currently in your life and replacing it with a more optimistic motivational atmosphere.

It can seem difficult at first but try …

Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga is an exercise therapy where the health benefits of laughter are intertwined with the healing powers of yoga deep breathing exercises. 

Using the concept that laughter is physical in nature and the fact that the body is not able to recognize a difference between real or simulated laughter, yoga laughter programs attempt to utilize the combined health benefits of these two well acknowledged therapies.

Generally conducted in a group setting participants attempt to initiate laughter by staring at one another while participating in mood setting activities such as petting, yoga deep breathing exercises, and other relaxing laughter inducing activities. 

They perform the process of a forced laughter ritual which in many of the participants stimulates genuine laughter. It is believed that all of the participants will each acquire the full health benefits of the exercise.

Pranayama is the term used to describe yoga breathing exercises. Prana means life force or breath whi…

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