Tips to Positive Thinking

We say things to ourselves that we would never consider saying to someone else. You can't do it. You are fat. You are so stupid. When was the last time that you caught yourself doing it?

Well it is time to stop the negative messages. It is time to love yourself just a little bit more than you currently do. 

It is highly unlikely that you would criticize a friend, relative, or work associate the way that you do yourself so stop it. Stop the negative messages that you are delivering to yourself.

If you have been raised in a negative atmosphere or been subjected to a lot of negative feedback then you will have to learn to dismiss those lessons and replace them with a more positive one. 

An optimistic attitude does not always come naturally and it may be a skill that you need to learn. The first step in becoming a more positive person is in eliminating the negative energy that is currently in your life and replacing it with a more optimistic motivational atmosphere.

It can seem difficult at first but try to distance yourself from negative people and situations which cause you to feel badly about yourself. If for some reason you must remain in an atmosphere that is not promoting a happy optimistic air then you will have to block the negative messages headed your direction and replace them with positive ones instead. 

Most importantly you must stop the negative messages that you send to yourself and begin sending yourself positive feedback instead. By being encouraging, kind, and understanding of your weaknesses you will be much more likely to succeed in the tasks and goals that you set out for yourself.

Tell yourself how wonderful you are, how kind, how intelligent,
and how capable you are. Give yourself positive feedback throughout the day. Encourage yourself to do well. Encourage yourself to succeed.

Life is a process of constant learning and to succeed we sometimes have to encounter setbacks. We need to learn our weaknesses in order to move forward from them. This is how through the process of trial and error we learn to assess our skills, abilities, and liability levels.

It is important to discover which areas in life we may need to improve our skill levels in. This helps us to know when we may need more training in a specific area before we are able to move forward in that direction.

This is knowledge which will help us in our quest to accomplish our goals and eventually garner success in those areas. It all basically means that it can be good thing for us to sometimes fail.

Don't beat yourself down because you were not quite ready or able to do all the goals that you had set out for yourself. With continued patience and perseverance you will succeed. Be kind and encourage yourself on to that success. 

You are not the only person who requires a little extra positive feedback from your own personal cheering squad. It is quite a normal aspect of human nature to need this. Be as patient and understanding with yourself as you would be to a friend in the same situation. If negative thoughts creep in remove them from your mind and instead give yourself a quick reassuring pat on the back. Think positive.

Be nice to yourself. Be patient and understanding and encourage yourself just a little bit more than you currently do. Love and respect the person that you currently are.  

We are not born knowing everything. It takes time and a continued effort at learning to discover even a small portion of what we will eventually come to know. Wisdom comes with age. 

Be patient with yourself. You will learn just so many more things as you travel on this amazing pathway that they call life. 

Don't expect yourself to be perfect. No one else is so why should you have to be? Be nice to yourself. Compliment yourself often.

Look in the mirror and practice smiling and complimenting yourself. Learn your best poses and use these to help you to feel more comfortable and attractive when you are out in social situations.

Be honest in your assessment of your best features and focus on these rather than on any negative qualities that you may perceive as being there. Tell yourself how handsome, cute, gorgeous, or beautiful you are. Say it often.

If you take the time to love and compliment yourself just a little more than you currently do you just might be surprised by how quickly you will change from being someone who is often insecure, angry, or frustrated. Out will come a new you who is confident, strong, beautiful, optimistic, and content.

You are human and there is not a one of us who is perfect no matter how hard we try to be. We make mistakes and we sometimes get more than a little insecure. Sometimes there isn't anyone there to offer the encourage we need so it becomes very important to be able to compliment yourself. Be patient, be understanding, be kind.  Love yourself just a little bit more. 

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