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Stressed Out and Need to Get Things Under Control

There are many individuals who live under high levels of stress for such an extended period of time that they actually forget how to relax.

If tension and worry are getting the upper hand in your life then it may be time for you to re-evaluate your priorities. Work, money, relationships, or simply too many obligations? Stress has become a common factor in today's busy world and it is certainly not a good thing. 

Is it time to get your stress under control? The first step in fixing a problem is knowing that it exists. The second is knowing what is causing it. You may already have some ideas as to the factors causing your tension so take a closer look into what you think the underlying factors may be.

A few of the main causes of tension are money, illness, work, family, relationships, or simply having more obligations then you are able to fulfill.
Using a small journal or notebook to keep tabs on the times when you experience anxiety will help you delve deeper into the reasons why it oc…