Motivational Affirmations

Affirmations are words or phrases designed to elicit an emotional or physical response. These are generally positive or motivational assertions designed to encourage and motivate an individual forward. These quotes and sayings can be greatly empowering.

Inspirational Affirmations of Hope: 
Whenever I feel weak or afraid I read this article and it makes me strong again. It can help you too. These motivational affirmations are designed to bring you through the difficult times and to help you move forward with strength and confidence. We have the ability but sometimes we simply need the encouragement to help us succeed.

Motivational Quotes and Sayings:
Surrounding yourself with positive inspirational messages can improve your mental fortitude and increase your ability to succeed just as in the reverse negative messaging and a pessimistic attitude can leave you open to failure. This is where motivational quotes and sayings can help you become more contentment and confident.

Building Self Esteem Through Positive Reinforcement:
We gain confidence in our abilities when we receive a positive reward for our behaviour. Well the same is true in developing our attitude. Negative responses can put a damper on our self image while positive complimentary responses help to encourage a more positive image of our self worth.

The Importance of Compliments:
Compliments are a form of positive encouragement, they are an affirmation to help bring strength and confidence to the person receiving one. They are a practice that every person should make a conscious effort to participate in as each individual involved in the transaction will benefit in some way. Socially speaking it is a vital ingredient to the successfulness of our relationships.