There are times when the physical and emotional affects of life leave a mark on us. Whether this disability is temporary or permanent it is an issue we adapt and adjust to, then we carry on with living and all the wonderful processes it involves.

Does Time Heal All Wounds?
It can be difficult to believe that the hurt will ever go away but if we allow the passing of time to overlap the painful memories with newer happier ones, then it will. Time does indeed have the ability to heal all hurts - we just have to allow it to weave its magic spell. Getting through the pain isn't easy and emotional healing can be a difficult process to undertake.

Disability May Suck but Life Isn't Over Yet 
Life changes constantly and sometimes this involves a physical or mental impairment. It can be a major adjustment not only for yourself but also for your family and friends as well. Disability may change how you acquire your goals but it won't change the fact that you have goals you want to acquire. We adapt to the new person we have become and we live.